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STRATA PARTNERS PTY. LTD. prides itself on providing PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL service.  It is not involved in buying, selling or leasing activities, thus ensuring a totally objective approach to clients’ needs.

STRATA PARTNERS PTY. LTD. is an independent group who are free to select the best tradesmen, the best insurance cover and the best services overall, for their clients.

STRATA PARTNERS PTY. LTD. believes that Management is a PARTNERSHIP between the Manager and the client, and that this inter-relationship is the key to successful management.

STRATA PARTNERS PTY. LTD. appreciate that Management is all about people – understanding them, working with them, and achieving results together.


The mission of Strata Partners is to provide the finest Community Title and Strata Management services.

We are committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, but particularly in the responsible way that we manage our Client’s property, by accurately performing their collection and accounting services, planning for the future and providing a level of customer service that cannot be surpassed.

We are committed to ethical and responsible conduct by all of our Partners and Employees.

We are committed to respect the rights of the individual owners that we serve, balancing those rights with the rules, regulations and governing documents we are bound to enforce.

We are committed to continual improvement in the quality of our systems and procedures to ensure that we remain a standard-setter in our industry.

We are committed to price our services fairly but will never sacrifice quality simply to lower the price and excellence in attempting to meet one’s budgetary constraints.

Finally, we are committed to be the very best resource for professional community and strata association management services.

We have 2 main aims in ongoing Strata Management:

1. High quality service – to meet the needs of the owners and to work in partnership with the Owners Corporation

2. To ensure that the properties are consistently maintained to a very high standard


STRATA PARTNERS PTY. LTD. accepts involvement in Strata Management at any time in the development process. However, our major involvement is the management of existing schemes, be they self-managed or having existing management arrangements.  Our/their expertise extends to residential, commercial and industrial properties, of which we already have an impressive portfolio under management.

Professional management is not expensive – on the contrary, it can represent significant savings for the Owners Corporation. Strata Partners Pty. Ltd. has full professional indemnity.  In addition, Trust Funds of the Owners’ Corporation are covered by the compensation fund operated by the Office of Fair Trading.


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Strata Partners

Strata Partners